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Short-Term Scientific Missions

Short-term scientific missions (STSM) are exchange visits between researchers involved in a COST Action, allowing scientists to visit an institution or laboratory in another COST Member state. These scientific missions may last up to six months in another COST Member/Cooperating Member or Near-Neighbour Country joining the Action. Their aim is to foster collaboration in excellent research infrastructures and share new techniques that may not be available in a participant’s home institution or laboratory.

How to apply

Applications are made through your e-COST profile. A quick guide on how to apply can be viewed here. For further information, please consult the User Guide.

When to apply

STRATAGEM will support a limited number of STSMs during each Grant Period. For further inquiries, please contact the STSM Coordinator Dr. Milica Pešić .


The following eligibility criteria apply:

  1. Must have a minimum duration of 5 days and a maximum duration of 90 days. For ECIs, longer STSMs with a maximum duration of 180 days are possible.
  2. Can be requested only by applicants located in Participating COST Countries, approved Near-Neighbour Country institutions, or an approved European RTD Organisation.
  3. Needs to be carried out in its entirety within a single Grant Period and always within the Action’s lifetime.
  4. The application needs to be submitted before the deadline, which for STRATAGEM is on the 1st of April (the Grant Period finishes on 1st May). The deadline for the completion of the STSM is 15th April.
  5. The applicant must conduct research at the host institution which must be on the topic of the Action and must acknowledge COST Action STRATAGEM as follows: This work was supported by an Short-Term Scientific Mission Grant from the COST Action CA17104 STRATAGEM.
  6. The participation of each applicant must be pre-approved by the STSM Coordinator on behalf of MC (as agreed during the kick-off meeting).
  7. The grantee should upload the scientific report within 30 days from the end of the STSM.

Evaluation and selection of applicants

The evaluation of each received STSM application is performed by the STSM Coordinator. The evaluation criteria defined by the STSM Coordinator should be communicated to all potential applicants. The selection of successful applicants must be done so in consideration of the scientific scope of the proposed exchange visit and how it will support the Action in achieving its scientific objectives.

Financial support

A STSM is a fixed financial contribution which takes into consideration the budget request of the applicant and the outcome of the evaluation of the application by the delegated person(s). STSMs do not necessarily cover all of the expenses related to exchange visits in a given STSM. A STSM Grant is a contribution to the overall travel, accommodation and meal expenses of the selected Grantee.
The calculation of the financial contribution for each STSM Grant must respect the following criteria:

  • Up to a maximum of EUR 2 500 in total can be afforded to each successful applicant for exchange visits with total duration between 5 and 90 days. For ECIs, up to a maximum of EUR 3 500 in total can be afforded to each successful applicant for exchange visits with total duration between 91 and 180 days.
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 160 per day can be afforded for accommodation and meal expenses.
  • Up to a maximum of EUR 300 can be claimed for travel costs.

The STSM Committee (STSM Coordinator, Grant Holder and the Chair of the COST Action) can approve differentiated country rates to cover accommodation and meal expenses based on the perceived cost of living in the host country.