New diagnostic and therapeutic tools
against multidrug resistant tumours

Special issues

Please find below a list of special issues guest edited by STRATAGEM participants.

JournalTopicEditorsSubmission deadline
CancersTumor Microenvironment: A Key Piece in the Puzzle of Cancer Heterogeneity
Cyril Corbet
Ivana Kurelac
31 January 2022
CancersNew Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tools Against Multidrug Resistant Tumors (STRATAGEM Special Issue, EU-COST CA17104)
Chiara Riganti
M. Helena Vasconcelos
Catherine Passirani
30 September 2021
MoleculesNitric Oxide Donors for Biomedical Applications
Roberta Fruttero
Elena Gazzano
Federica Sodano
30 September 2021
Brain SciencesAt the Frontiers of Human Glioblastoma: Challenges in Introducing New Therapeutic Strategies
Milica Pešić
Pilar Sánchez Gómez
Lisa Oliver
15 June 2021
MoleculesIn Silico Activity Profiling of Natural Products
Ilza Pajeva
Mattia Mori
15 May 2021
MoleculesBioactive Molecules as Multidrug Resistance Modulators
Cristina Xavier
M. Helena Vasconcelos
30 April 2021
FrontiersThe role of drug resistance mechanisms in tumor adaptation to oxidative stress
Ana Cipak Gasparovic
Gabriella Spengler
Milica Pešić
23 January 2021
PharmaceuticsMitochondria-targeted drug delivery
Joanna Kopecka
20 October 2020
CancersThe impact of extracellular vesicles in cancer progression and diagnosis
M. Helena Vasconcelos
15 October 2020
Anti-OxidantsNO-donors with antioxidant activities and anticancer drugs
Loretta Lazzarato
Chiara Riganti
31 July 2020
MoleculesDesign of natural products lead molecules using organic synthesis
Patrícia Rijo
Vera Isca
31 July 2020
International Journal of Molecular SciencesNew strategies to overcome resistance to chemotherapy and immune system in cancer
Chiara Riganti
Marialessandra Contino
31 May 2020 (postponed deadline is fine!)
Cancer Drug ResistanceNew challenges in overcoming chemoresistance in glioblastoma
Chiara Riganti
Joanna Kopecka
30 April 2020
MoleculesPhenotypic drug discovery
José M. Padrón
31 March 2020
MoleculesBreakthroughs in drug discovery and delivery in oncology
Flavio Rizzolio
Tiziano Tuccinardi
29 February 2020
PharmaceuticsBiocompatible materials in drug delivery system in oncology
Flavio Rizzolio
Isabella Caligiuri
29 February 2020
CancersCancer organoids in basic science and translational medicine
Flavio Rizzolio
Vincenzo Canzonieri
Lorenzo Memeo
29 February 2020