New diagnostic and therapeutic tools
against multidrug resistant tumours

Our Third In-Person Training School on the Use of 3D Cellular Models Took Place in Davos, Switzerland on 11-12 September 2023

The PANDORA team is very pleased toannounce the successful completion of the in-person training school on: “3D bioprinting, contactless methods for generation of pathophysiological multicellular systems / models of tumours and organs, toxicology, pharmacology; single cell analysis; efficacy and toxicology in 3D cellular models”,

which was held at the partner institution AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), Switzerland from September 11th until 12th, 2023.

In the 2-days training school, participants had the chance to dive into different 3D bioprinting and biofabrication techniques to generate complex 3D in vitro models of tumours and organs for drug testing.

Participants enjoyed a guided tour through the ARI labs, which allowed them to discover all running research activities, lectures held by experts in biofabrication for 3D cell culture models and to participate in group hands-on activities. By actively applying new concepts to their practical tasks, participants had the opportunity to master the course content more effectively.

Most of the participants in the PANDORA school were PhD students, Post-docs and young researchers with previous experience with academic research. Participants were eager to adapt the writing and publishing advice from the writing experts to an existing personal project.

The training school was held in combination with another training event that is part of the EU Twinning project “Rising competitiveness of early-stage researchers and research management in Latvia – RISEus2”.

The PANDORA school was held just after the European Society of Biomaterials conference in 2023 – ESB2023, which is the biggest event in Biomaterials in Europe, with many topics of interest for the Stratagem Network.


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