New diagnostic and therapeutic tools
against multidrug resistant tumours

The OncoProTools Doctoral Network is looking for 10 talented and motivated Doctoral Candidates

OncoProTools: Protease‐guided tumor targeting tools to revolutionize cancer diagnosis and treatment (MSCA Doctoral Network)

The call is open for enthusiastic Doctoral Candidates (DCs) with the skills and knowledge to help the network make significant research breakthroughs. These DCs will enroll in PhD degree programmes and be employed for 36 months in a consortium composed of 6 academic research beneficiaries, 2 industrial beneficiary and 12 associated partners. The mission of OncoProTools is to develop tumor targeting strategies for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.
A detailed list of the vacancies with topics and required expertise can be found at the following link: [click here]
Interested candidates are invited to submit their application through this form [click here] before July 15th, 2022.

OncoProTools is an MSCA Doctoral Network that is currently starting up. The mission of OncoProTools is to develop tumor targeting strategies for cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, to make them more effective, selective, patientfriendly and personalized. Tumor targeted diagnostics and therapeutics are molecules that are typically equipped with a vector unit. The vector unit binds to a protein that is overexpressed on cancer cells or in the Tumor Micro-Environment (TME), causing the diagnostic or therapeutic payload to accumulate in the tumor. Exciting, recent innovations rely on small molecule vectors that target TME proteases. Proteases are ideal candidates for tumor targeting: they are often strongly overexpressed in the TME and possess an active site that allows high-affinity anchoring of vectors. Members of this consortium have played a leading role in these recent developments.

OncoProTools wants to force breakthroughs by:
1) Exploring innovative venues for protease targeting in cellular immunotherapy.
2) Discovering novel vectors that bind to other TME proteases, like cathepsins and granzymes.
3) Personalized applications of protease targeting: deliver innovative diagnostics through deeper understanding of TME biology.

OncoProTools will deliver a training program to 10 Doctoral Candidates that truly captures the MSCA values, hence providing them with all capabilities to become leaders of tomorrow’s R&I in Europe.



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