New diagnostic and therapeutic tools
against multidrug resistant tumours

Opportunities for COST Action Members to network and grow their ideas

bioinformatics training school for STRATAGEM members

A number of initiatives have been implemented to ensure COST Action Members are given the opportunity to network and grow their ideas.


COST Connect are a series of thematic events, which provide an open space for researchers, policy makers and research and innovation (R&I) stakeholders to network and grow their ideas. It brings together a broad set of actors from the European Research Area (ERA) and beyond with the aim to stimulate and strengthen multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Global networking through the aggregation of scientific expertise required to reach full potential (COST Actions). COST contributes to the internationalisation process of research communities. COST has a proactive Open to the world approach enabling researchers and innovators from all over the world to join COST activities. COST networks are open to participants from closer geographical proximity, Near Neighbour Countries, and also from beyond, International Partner Countries.

COST Academy is an initiative that offers training, workshops and mentoring that better the performance of Action networks. The Academy is focusing on developing the skills of young and/or Inclusiveness Target Country researchers.

COST Science informed policy advice is an initiative to connect COST experts into science-informed policy advice on relevant EU topics.

COST policy brief ‘Actions to Actions’ is a practical guide for COST Actions on how to achieve policy impact.

COST Innovators Grant The COST Innovators Grant, as defined in the COST Strategic Plan, aims at enhancing the pace and success of breakthrough innovations, to build bridges between the scientific research performed in COST Actions and marketable applications and/or societal solutions and to explore innovation potential.

The COST Innovators Grant complements existing initiatives on innovation in H2020, as it is focused on networking activities and only available to participants from running COST Actions. COST will maintain an interface with other relevant initiatives such as the ERC proof of concept, the EIC and FET Open.



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