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STRATAGEM – part of the public consultation on the upcoming Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

COST Pharmaceutical strategy, Europe, Еuropean Commission, pharmaceutical industrySTRATAGEM Cost action has contributed to the online public consultation on the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, launched in July 2020 by the European Commission.

The forthcoming EU Pharmaceutical Strategy should cover the whole life-cycle of pharmaceutical products from scientific discovery to authorisation and patient access. STRATAGEM’s position on questions that address longstanding issues identified in the EU pharmaceuticals system is made publicly available (click to download).

More information on the context of the initiative, on the challenges identified so far and on the objectives can be found in the roadmap. The public consultation has been open for suggestions by concerned citizens or professionals in the area of medicines, regarding the objectives, priorities and additional aspects to be covered by the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe.

Coming in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Strategy, which will also inform the newly proposed EU4Health Programme and align with Horizon Europe for research and innovation, will aim to ensure Europe’s supply of safe and affordable medicines to meet patients’ needs and support the European pharmaceutical industry to remain an innovator and world leader. The consultation consists of questions, which focus on key themes: strategic autonomy and manufacturing of medicines, access to affordable medicines, innovation, and environmental sustainability and health challenge.

Stratagem’s position on the Pharmeceutical Strategy for Europe

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