New diagnostic and therapeutic tools
against multidrug resistant tumours

Training School in Vienna

Training school “Computational methods in MDR research” 17-19 September 2019 in Vienna (Austria)

The aim of the training school is to:

(a) make scientists working in medicine/(molecular) biology/chemistry aware of and acquainted with the possibilities of computational approaches in MDR research

(b) make bioinformaticians aware of the special challenges and problems in cancer and MDR research

The training school will be split in theoretical parts (day 1: 1,2,3; day 2: 1,3; day 3: 2) followed by practical applications using example data (the other points). At the end of the training school, medicine/(molecular) biology/chemistry trainees should be able to conduct simple analyses using the taught techniques and bioinformaticians should have gained a deeper insight into multidrug resistance research.


Tue: 17 September 2019 
09:00: Welcome
(1) 10:00: Lecture MDR (Gergely Sakacs, Hungary)
(2) 11:15: Lecture Machine learning (Georg Dorffner, Vienna)
(3) 12:15: Lecture Data Science (Alexandra Graf)
13:00: Lunch
(4) 14:00: Part one data science hands-on training (Alex, and Thomas)
18:00: Free evening

Wed: 18. September 
(1) 09:00: Theory computational biology methods (N.N)
(2) 10:30: Practical application (Alex, Thomas)
13:00: Lunch
(3) 14:00: DEGs, Network analysis (Thomas)
18:00: Conference dinner equivalent

Thu: 19 September
(1) 09:00: Machine learning Theory (Peter Sykacek)
12:00: Lunch
(2) 13:00: Machine learning practical (Peter Sykacek and Alex)
(3) 15:00: Wrap-up (Peter Sykacek, Alex and Thomas)
16:30: Finish

The deliverables will be:

(a) A booklet containing the presentations
(b) A preconfigured linux environment for computational biology/bioinformatics research
(c) A zip file containing the scripts and example data so that the participants can adapt the analysis methods at home.

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